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Okey Dokes! I'll give you my point of view with a bit more explanation.

You asked: "Why are these good things (truth, beauty,love, loyalty, tolerance, self-confidence, and faith) considered sins?"

My answer: Yes Dadoo! They are all "good" things....technically. reality...nothing is purely "good" nor purely "bad". It's all in the way it's accessed. I'll give you an example. (One which I always use with my students btw)

Take, for example, a "knife". The "invention" of that which we know as a "knife" was, in many respects, a marvelous one. It allowed man to do MANY things. It made, and makes....certain tasks which had been difficult and time consuming much easier and quicker to complete. In the hands of a skillfull can even be instrumental in SAVING a life. In the hands of someone using it inappropriately is a weapon that can actually TAKE a life. The end result is profound...and yet...the "instrument" is exactly the same!

Re Truth: Truth is's's clarity......but it's also an "intrument". a potential instrument....once it's accessed! Sooooo the question here is....of what use is that instrument....if it only brings about hurt and destruction??? Are we or are we fellow human beings....predesposed towards LIFE and LIVING??? Isn't "The Way" in which "truth" is served, paramount to it's ability to be processed in a way that is productive????

Example: I had cancer! Right? That was THE TRUTH! Pathologically was also a very FAST GROWING tumor. Now! That was the TRUTH! All of it was. However.....did my doctor just blurt out "Hello! You have a quickly growing cancer" ...the moment I walked in the door??? No! Of course not! Why??? Because he's a game player??? Certainly not. Because he didn't care whether I lived or died? Of course not! It was because he KNOWS that we are more than just a BODY! We have a MIND, and a HEART, and a SOUL! As a Physician....he has decided to dedicate his life's work to helping people stay ALIVE! If I freaked out with worry and concern....I would have been in no position to fight the fight that I had to...and my doctor knew that! Sooooo he gave me the TRUTH....he gave me ALL OF IT....but he gave it to me in such a WAY and at such a moment in TIME....that it would HELP me and not HURT ME! How he PRESENTED the truth.....was essential to my moving on and getting better.

"Weapons" are instruments that are only used to hurt.

Regarding Love and Possessiveness: Hummmm Do they still love the person they're trying to possess you ask???? Well.....I'd have to say NO there! It's not "real" love! It's not TOTAL love! It's not unconditional love! It's some form of love....but it's a selfish love. How can one say they have love....but no trust in that love...or the person in whom they claim to love. Possessiveness is not about's about fear. People who doubt the depth and or veracity of the other party's love.....are possessive....because they wish to protect what THEY want, need or believe. Isn't that more like a case of SELF love??? It's saying....I want you....and I'm afraid that you will leave...and so...I'm going to KEEP/POSSESS you can't!

If the other party really and truly loves you from the depths of their heart and soul.....wouldn't they willing GIVE YOU......all that you desire?

Re the statement on "Beauty": Yes! It is in the eye of the beholder......but VANITY is the word used to describe one who is OBSESSED with it. OBSESSION...(which is a preponderance of energy focused in one particular area) an IMBALANCE. Life is ever changing. We're born....we grow old....and we die. (I'm talking about physically) Those that are focused ONLY on being "beautiful"....are negating so many other aspects of themself.

Well...I guess you get my idea now...and I suppose that's enough for the time being! *S*

And for the record...I too love to discuss ideas and concepts with others! I look forward to further ~exchanges~ ...

.....if you would like to!

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