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Hi! ColoradoJake....

I followed your link ...and just got back! WOW! Those pictures are absolutely awesome!!!! They took a year and a day to download *S*...but they were well worth the wait!!! I do understand why you used thumbnails though! *S*

Question: What is your connection to the Scholars agreeable would you be to letting me use one or two of your pictures for my own web site? I'll explain!

First I'd like to say that my web site is NOT NOT NOT (and never will be) a commercial one. It's strictly ...(hopefully) informative one.

I'm a Reiki Practioner...and if possible I'd love to use one of your photos for my Reiki page...or....for my Healing Garden section....where I plan to give information on other Alternative Healing Methods. (And for the benefit of the don't have to get crazy! I don't mean for those "Alternatives" to be used INSTEAD of traditional medicine. I mean for them to be used in CONCERT with it.) A picture would also work on my section for THE TAO and also for my Feng Shui section! If you're agreeable to the use of a pic...the choice could be yours! And....if you say yes... in return for it's use....I would give you credit...and provide a link to YOUR site.

If you say no....I will undersand and honor your decision with no hard feelings what~so~ever...but I really would love to use one. I usually do my own art work (graphic art)...and had even intended to try my hand at something in oils.....

...but your photos are already done! *S*

Thanks for the View!


P.S. It goes without saying that I loved the ZEN section! *S* I love the story about the cup of TEA! I had even posted that here not too long ago.

~Synchronicity~ strikes again!

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