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On 6/11/99 11:25:54 AM, sipoet wrote:
in part
>I am getting married next
>month in a Staten Island park
>and am incorporating my love
>for Staten Island into my

Marguerite, make sure you don't do the butterfly thing at your ceremony.
(LOL) (see below)

The state of New York wants brides to know that releasing butterflies at their weddings requires a state permit. Butterfly experts say the purchase of non-native species of butterflies mix gene pools and disrupt migration patterns. Butterflies have two distinct populations - one on the West coast and one on the East coast - and each migrates to a different place. If the species are mixed, a butterfly may not know where to migrate.

Jeffrey Glassberg - president of the North American Butterfly Association - calls the practice of releasing butterflies at weddings "environmental terrorism."

(Thanks to UPI's Alex Cukan in Albany, New York)

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