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The penny was a throwback to the jarheads, who used it to open the can of Kiwi. The deckapes, having even less brains than the jarheads, copied this custom, BUT being deckapes, left the penny inside the can when they were finished. They were always borrowing screwdrivers and other tools from the snipes or the et's to open their Kiwi cans with.

Until: one day a gummer's mate came back from liberty in Hong Kong with a pair of patent leather dress shoes. The deckapes immediately emulated the gummer and thought they had finally figured out how to avoid shining shoes for liberty inspection.

All went well, until Boats stepped into a benjo ditch at Sasebo...then he discovered that the Hong Kong shoes had cardboard soles!

Meanwhile, OT's hubby was not able to get off the ship after all...He was playing one last hand of "Tonk" with the Phillipino messmen...he thought he knew enough Tagalog to break their code of telling each other what was in their hands and could make a killing...wrong!...he lost 6 months sea pay and missed the last liberty boat, too.

OT waited at fleet landing and when she saw a signalman 3rd coming up the pier, asked him if he could hand semaphore the "Greasy G" and find out what had happened to her husband.....

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