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On 6/23/99 11:51:43 PM, hrwhite wrote:
>Buda Bakery on Richmond Road
>had awesome crumbbuns in the
>'55 timeframe. I know cause I
>baked'em. Is Buda's still
>there? Harry

Hi Harry,
I remember going to Buda's when I visited my Grant City cousins. It was there up until the 70's (at least) but I don't think it is there anymore.
We used to get our crumb buns (or crumbuns, which was what my older brothers called me) at the local candy store, Hasselbach's (sp?) in Huguenot. I suspect they were "imports" from some island bakery. We used to have them with cofee-milk on Sunday mornings after church.
Moretti's on Forest Avenue makes decent crumbuns now. I still can't find jelly donuts of the type that I remember, though.

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