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I wish the newest post dates were at the top like Fuzzy suggested.

I wish the Background of the Web Board was that nice soft linen color we had before or something close...white is to sterile and nondescript LOL

I wish the "Chat" text font was a little bigger so me and all my friends with that Damned "over 40 vision plus" wouldn't have to pull out the "super specs" to read the chat lines.

I wish there were still a "new message & date" indicator next to each topic heading like the old web site so I didn't have to click on the + all the time and look at all the dates to find the most current.

I wish the menu bar were across the top of all pages so I wouldn't have to click on back so much :)

I wish my name would keep the capital G in my profile rather than always converting it to a lower case when I save :(

I wish more people would read the directions and find out this new Format ain't so bad after just takes a little getting used to :)

I wish "U" a good day Mr. Webmaster and much success with all your ventures.

Hey! Webmaster isn't in spell check and neither is Mr., or "Faw Cawnahs" now that's not nice LOL

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