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If y'all don't think that my posts were written "tongue in cheek," then y'all are in a sorry state.

Good grief, what a sorry bunch of sad sacks y'all are. What do you do for fun? Put on some sack cloth and roll around in ashes?

If you don't recognize sarcasm when y'all see it, then you certainly shouldn't try to claim it as a sort of a feeble defense when some one comes a-right back at yer with one that is just a bit higher, that much closer, and a hell of a lot faster than y'all lobbed up there in the first place, don't you know? (And if you and I ever played on the same ole sandlot, old bobsheridan fella, I am damn sure that you will remember me well! I used to just love to run into mean old tough-talkin' dudes like you. By the time I got done running up one side and down the other (leaving my dirty old cleat marks all over their nice new, freshly starched and pressed uniform) they forgot all about those empty old threats that they had been tossing about. It used to make a poor kid like me me think that yes, Lord, you sometimes do allow for the uppity ones among us to get a well deserved mouthful of mud every once in a while). But then again mean old tough-talking dudes always seem to have a hard time learning this lesson and I suspect that you had a whole lot of people running up one side and down the other (and they are probably still thinking it might not be such a bad idea).

If y'all are going to "talk trash," here on the 'net, then don't get all het up and carried away with yerselfs when someone "smokes one by you."

Geez -- what do we have here, a bunch of old school marms (and the male equivalent of same, whatever in the world that may be)? Having y'all making noise about me having no sense of humor just sort of reminds me of a tale my good old grandma used to tell. You know the one I mean, it's about all them fat old pots a-calling the kettle black!

If I knew how to make all of those dinky little symbols about "rolling on the ground laughing out loud" and what have you, there would be about 3 feet of them little critters right after this here period here.

Look out now and don't none of y'all blink an eyeball, 'cause there may be another high fast one a-heading right for those big inflated heads y'all are a-toting around on top of that poor old tired and overworked carcass of yours!

Fondly (don't you know?),


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