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On 7/26/98 1:24:39 PM, linju wrote:
>Now that I've changed from the
>frames format to no frames I
>can enjoy this site again. does the >spell check work??

Hi linju
Happy to hear your comment on "no frames". I found it sure makes reading the new SI Web format MUCH easier :) It's good to know that you'll be staying around and continue to post/read :)

Ok now to Spell Check 101
When you've finished typing your post, go to the top of the posting text box click & put a "check" in each box listed below:

> Covert line breaks to HTML breaks
> Preview message
> Preview/Spell

Then click "post" and you will get a preview of what your posting is going to look's the time to make any corrections if necessary. Any words that are "highlighted in red" indicates a misspelled word, "click on the red" and you will have the correct spelling, pick the one you want or type your new word and click on "done" that brings you back to the "preview of your post" then do the same with any others that are highlighted in red.

This spell check thingy is good but lacks Staten Island "slinguage" so if you write something like "Faw Cawnahs" or " wadayathinkaboutdat" leave the red highlight and just click on post :) we must keep Staten Islanders special language a part of our posts...this is the StatNisland Web ya know LOL

Enjoy! I hope the above helps ya out.

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