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boy YOU HAVE RE-STARTED A BIG TOPIC FOR THIS PAGE. A long time back we discussed this. Where to find good crumb buns is one of the dilemmas of this decade.

Remember I grew up at Four Corners. RS, DBLIVIT, JR and myself had the best when Schuman's owned a bakery there. It was nothing like what is sold today for crumb buns at all.

Last year I had a small reunion here in California of my childhood girlfriend, Connie Chorman and JR and his wife, Barb, and Margie and her hubby and our Queen Regina, or Gina and Connie went to the trouble of bringing a big supply of buns from the Island.

Well, although much appreciated and fast eaten, these were a far cry from what we had in our youth.

Gina has a recipe for some you can have baked by a friend if you care to ask her for a repeat printing here. She will oblige I am positive.


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