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Reading "SI Live" on the net, I discovered the headlines have to do with an 18year old Tottenville High senior who took a porn star to the prom. Seems like he had a falling out with his girl friend about two months before the prom, called the "Howard Stern" show on the radio and explained his problem. The moderator fixed him up with "Houston", a 34 year old star of the skin flicks!

Most amusing were the comments from the PTA, the principal of THS and some of the righteous SI "moral majority" (probably NRA members). My own view: hats off to the kid...that's the first time I ever saw anything cool come out of the South Shore!

And before any jump on my case, I pose this question: how many guys from our generation (50's) wouldn't have given their eyeteeth to take Blaze Starr, Lili St. Cyr, Morgana or Tempest Storm to the Curtis prom? We didn't have porn stars in those days, just strippers.

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