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Wayta go, McGil!

Don't let the 16-year-old grind you down.

My own, now seventeen, has for a long time thought he was the only one in the world who knew anything. Once in a while I'd come up with something the he could never have imagined I had a clue on, much less the Answer. His eyebrows would pop up, and he'd say, "Dad, I didn't know you knew that! How did you know that?" Like I'd been living in the dark but suddenly the light went on.

"Do you think I fell off the turnip truck yesterday?" I'd reply. "The problem with you is that you think you know it all. You think you're sitting atop the Transamerica Building (the pointy pyramid in San Francisco where we live) and everybody else is stuck around the ground floor."

He denies it, of course, but then he does the same thing again the next time I come up with something he hasn't tumbled to. This happens as often as twice in a year.

He becomes very respectful and accommodating, however, when he needs something, like use of the car to refresh his driving skills for the driving test.

Other than that, a nice kid.

He'll loin.


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