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What a coincidence to find this topic today. My family has been laughing at me all day about my interruption a commercial we saw this morning. There is a Metropolitan Life Insurance commercial about a agent in Brooklyn, the commercial ends with him saying something about Metropolitan being in Brooklyn longer than the bridge. My answer (at 6:45am)was "of course, the bridge was only built in 1963." My son answered,looking at me as only a 16 year old can when he catches you saying something really stupid, "Mom, he meant the Brooklyn Bridge, dah!" The family just doesn't get it that when I here the word Brooklyn and da bridge, it only means the V-N!

My grandfather also worked on da bridge. He was an ironworker, who built skyscrapers and big bridges. He would take us into the city and we would visit the buildings he worked on -- always riding the elevator up to the top floor. We would take a ride and visit his bridges, always riding over them, and if possible walking. Da bridge was his last bridge before he retired. After it was finished, he'd take us to Von Briesen Park and tell us all the stories. My favorite was when the portajohn fell off. I only wish I has been more interested then and remembered more.

My favorite story of all was when he actually worked on the Brooklyn Bridge. During the depression, he worked for the City making repairs on the Brookyn Bridge. One day, a few weeks before Christmas, someone came and asked if he and the other guys wanted to make some extra money. They were making a movie, and need the bridgemen to work as stand-in's. The movie was Tarzan's New York Adventure. In the movie, Tarzan,trying to escape from New York's finest, runs across the top of the bridge with the cop's chasing him, and dives into the East River (eventually getting away to save Boy & Jane and live h.e.a......). Only it wasn't Johnny Weismuller as Tarzan running across the bridge, it was the biggest guy on the crew, while my grandfather and his cronies played the cops. They each made $75 that day -- big bucks for the 30's. What's really great is that now with these movies on video, all his great-grandchildren can see a real hollywood moving "starring" their great-grandfather. My youngest son was even able to show the movie and school, and boy was he a hero for the day!

Thanks rs for giving me this walk down memory lane and all the great memories of my grandfather.

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