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You’re playing my song here Gina! *LOL* High Five!

Where do I begin?????

O.k.! I’ll try to start at the top of your post…and work down! *S* Hopefully I won’t get sidetracked! There is A LOT of conversational “meat” here!

You stated: “My personal opinion is that The Ten Commandments are more universal than many people would like to admit.”

I totally agree!

You said: “They are basic guide lines to the journey of a good life”

I totally agree!

You said: “EZ to follow but not so horrible that they should be hidden away in judicial removal rulings.”

I don’t agree! *LOL* At least not EXACTLY! *S*

You said: “Maybe...just maybe it's time they were uPdated at "U" think some minor change in verbiage would make them more acceptable to be on the walls of classrooms and wherever else they may appear? I do.”

ABSOLUTELY!!! (And for the record….my choice of the word “absolutely” was by design!)

O.k.! It was at this point that you posted and re~worded the Ten Commandments to give them an updated and more Universal appearance! That’s good…and I agree with that…just NOT exactly in the way that you did it! *S* I’ll explain!

As I believe you know…I’m a student of many Religions, Spiritual Paths and Philosophies. The Philosophy of Ethics/Morality are Numero Uno on my list...……as....…when all is said and done….what IS a “Religion” a “Spiritual Path” or a “Philosophy”…BUT a Guideline for living….and that is EXACTLY what Ethics and Morality are about…with a seemingly minor yet in all actuality.... profound.... difference! All of this ties directly back to what your initial question....and the presentation of the "Commandments". As I will explain.....and show....Judeo-Christian Religions are not the only ones that have Commandments. They are however unique in their presentation of them.

By definition….”Morality” is something that gives us direction as to how to live among others. A good many “moral codes”…a.k.a “mores”….set limits. They tell us what we ought to do, should do and/or must do. By comparison….Ethics does essentially the same only it tries to do it by appealing to one’s conscience….. rather than by propagating fear with
Through a threat of punishment.

It all sits better with me via the ETHICAL route! *S* For me….the Ethical route is not only the purer way (as the behavior is FREELY GIVEN), but it is also much more psychologically conducive to the desired outcome.

As you stated….the Ten Commandments are indeedy Universal truths….at least in my Personal Philosophy…..but in the big picture…the jury is still out on this one!

Some Ethicists and Moralists….believe that the various Moral Maxims that are held by various cultures around the globe….are relative to those particular sects of people. Others believe that they Universal. They believe that at the “core”…the truths are the same.

I am not a “relativist”….I’m an Absolutist. That however does not mean that I don’t see
cultural variances…just that I don’t interpret them as inherent Spiritual differences.

O.k.! Getting back to the Ten Commandements. The way the Ten Commandments are presented are what’s known in the Philosophy of Ethics as NEGATIVE Ethical mores. With the exception of #4….which is “Honor Thy Mother and Thy Father”….they all tell you what you shall “NOT” do!!!!

As a teacher of Religion….I have often been asked by my students WHY the Sisters told them that “cheating on a test” is a sin! They offer up The Ten Commandements as proof that it is NOT! I always answer them in the SAME WAY. “Cheating on a test” IS and always WILL BE a transgression (I don’t like the use the word sin too often as it seems to illicit more guilt than a desire on the part of the child to grow in Spirit.)…and that IS found in The Ten Commandments. They say: Where??? I say: Read number 7! They said: Huh???? I say: When you “cheat”…did you not STEAL answers that were not yours??? And then they say: Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhh!

Telling someone to “not” do something….is a very different Spiritual effect than telling them to DO something!

They may seem a bit “secular” to some….as the Native American cosmology is very NATURE oriented….but for a demonstration of POSITIVE ETHICAL MORES.….I’m going to submit a link to the Native American Commandments section of my web site so that you can see what I mean!!!

To Be Continued~~~as I know this is probably very long already! *LOL*

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