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My personal opinion is that The Ten Commandments are more universal than many people would like to admit. They are basic guide lines to the journey of a good life...EZ to follow but not so horrible that they should be hidden away in judicial removal rulings.

Maybe...just maybe it's time they were uPdated at "U" think some minor change in verbiage would make them more acceptable to be on the walls of classrooms and wherever else they may appear? I do.

Here's How They Read Now.

1. I am the Lord Thy God; thou shalt not have strange Gods before me.
2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Thy God in vain.
3. Remember Thou keep holy the Lord's day.
4. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother.
5. Thou shalt NOT KILL.
7. Thou shalt NOT STEAL.

OK, for those who believe in God this probably is fine...written across the lands in many bibles, I do understand that there are different beliefs. To an extent I feel the First Commandment could be more maybe for placement in schools and other public places (not necessarily to include houses of worship)the first commandment could be rewritten something like:

1.I am Thy Higher Power, Thy inner strength, Thou shalt not have strange beliefs before me.

"High Power" is used in many arenas and has become pretty common around the world in reference to ones choice of "Spiritual Majesty".

Either way it is a reminder of who we seem to ask and YELL LOUDLY for almost every time there's a crisis of some kind...a serious injury, illness, birth, death or tragedy..."________" please help / save / give me peace.

"Higher Power" to me spells out not religious implementation nor is it a sacred text spelling out religious duties as stated by the Supreme Court 20 years ago when they ruled to remove The Ten Commandments from school walls. Think of how and when "U" last heard or made a request of your "Higher Power". I will venture to say it was probably more recent then "U" first thought when starting to read this post. Now that you've been reminded to think of it have "U" said God, Higher Power or something spiritually similar within the last 6 months? Dig out that recent verbal memory of Colinbine High School and the horror slaughters of Kosovo...was a Higher Power beckoned by anyone to help the healing of the injured hearts?

The Second Commandment could possibly read:

Thou shalt not use the name of Thy "Higher Power" in vain or distorted manner.

The Third Commandment might read:

3.Remember Thou to keep GOOD (or maybe spiritual) this day.

The Forth Commandment I feel should be a suggestion of a broader manner.

Honor Thy Father, Mother (or Parents) & Family

5,6,7 & 8 I feel are perfect as written.

The Ninth Commandment I feel would read better including both partners in a marriage.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's Spouse.

#10 I feel is perfect as written.

Any opinions/suggestions? Guess they'll be a few LOL

Please keep in mind this is not an attack on any religious or spiritual belief. It's just my own thoughts about how some guiding statements can be placed in view of our worlds children to make a difference in their precious journey of life.

Guess "U" can determine, I for one would like to hear the Pledge of Allegiance to Our Great US of A said in the halls of education every morning too.

I think we need to reachhhhh backkkkkk and bring forth some guidelines that worked well in our childhood indicated in so often in posts on this web site.

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