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Some of my recollections include:

The "junk-man", that my Mom referred as the "junkie", obviously not the same definition as in today's society.

The "ice-man" a guy who delivered ice, not someone who is "calm under pressure".

The "coal-man" who was ultimately supplanted by the "oil-man".

Of course the "paper-boy" who delivered the Staten Island Advance with that huge burlap sack around his neck.

The "soda-man" who delivered soda and seltzer in those bottles that were great for squirting at someone.

The "ga-vel man" a guy who delivered "bleach" in gallon jugs which was called "ga'vel" or "ja'vel". Don't know if it's a real word and obviously how to spell. Perhaps -rs or dblivit or OT can help here. (LOL)

And the ultimate summertime treat when the "watermelon-man" drove up or down your block.

Others include:
ice cream man

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