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Yes, Beno, that's the Mr. Ryan. He did teach Biology and he did wear a leg-brace. People in those days, like my Uncle Jake, for example, who had polio (before gamma globulin and all the schoolkids inoculated at PS29 and the rest) often had withered legs or arms, paralyzed, no muscles, useless appendages.

In 1958, Mr. Ryan was a student-teacher or a first-year teacher in Biology. One of the shocks about attending 25-year reunions is that people look different than you remember them. Their hair is white, while in your memory their hair is brown, black, or blonde, and in your memory, they are 17 and ready for the beach party, or the drive-in movie.

Mr. Ryan's hair had turned white, in 1983. But his smile was as youthful as ever.


We're all subject to moods. When the moods occur all depend on when adversity hits. It hits some of us at an earlier age than others.

You know what they say, don't you? They say two things:

1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

2. Nobody gets out alive.

Ryan is a good guy, moody or not.


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