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I am asked constantly if I am from BKLYN, since I have what is considered a "heavy Noo Yawk accent". I DO realize that I don't sound like most Islanders, but I also know that there is a BIG difference between my "vocal inflections" and someone's from BKLYN! My speech is patterned by what I heard around me on the lower east side(Little Italy), and it doesn't sound like a Brooklynite's speech(at least I hear differences)!
I never really thought my speech was all that bad until I purchased "speech recognition" software, since at times due to my physical problems, I can't do too much typing. Well, the software makes more mistakes than I EVER do typing! No matter what I say, it types something different, except for maybe one or two words in each sentence! I figured that there was a problem with the software, so I called the company(they advertise 98% accuracy). They asked me if anyone else had tried the software besides me. I told them no, and was told(nicely)that my "accent" could be what is the problem! I had a friend try it out and about 95% of the words were correct!!!!
So, WADDAYAMEEN us Noo Yawker's have an accent? I don't hear nuthin' diffrent in da way we talk!!! FORGEDABOUDIT!

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