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I wonder if the phrase, "living in Staten Island" came from transplants who did not previously live on an island and were, therefore, accustomed to saying "I live in Brooklyn, Queens, etc." (even though strictly speaking those places are on an island, also). I noticed that people who came from other boroughs, okay, mostly Brooklyn, I guess, say they've been "out here" for X number of years, months, etc. I've heard this a lot lately. I sounds as though Staten Island is some sort of exotic outlying country.
I wonder if we lose sight of our island-ness sometimes. Last week I heard a visiting Chinese dignitary speak and he said something like, "When I first came to your island, etc." He repeated the phrase in one way or another about two more times. It kind of gave me a jolt. I pictured boatloads of visiting dignitaries meeting welcoming natives at the shore's edge. Weird.

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