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I agree! I realize that life is full of changes....but the changes that were implemented with the routes were only minor ones!

The way I see it....there was no logical reason to change the NAME itself! In fact...I'll go a step would make people MORE apt to come to know the route changes if they kept the names the same, at least there would be a thread of continuity. With the route AND name just puts everyone back to square one. AND...for the most part...the people that it puts back there are
basically young school age children, the old who can now longer drive, and the poor....who don't have a car! And what of those disabled Staten Islanders that were "travel trained" with the previous names????

Those groups (the young, the old, the disabled)...have a small (if any) voice they become the silent voice!

"They" could have easily said something like....the R106 will now include: yada yada yada.. in addition to it's previous route....or NOT include yada yada yada... we know..."they" didn't!

But...... "they" do call it "progress" and "improvement". *shrug*

On another note:

You're right again! From a Pyschological standpoint.....there ARE people that just love to "change" for the sake of change itself!

*double shrug*

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