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Thanks for tackling that tough question. I don't have any quick answers myself. I can commiserate with you about your sons seeing you sweat over issues. One of my most promising Post Doctoral Fellows, who had access to my lab while he was a student before becoming a post doc, used to be amused when he saw me wrestling with ethics issues associated with my job as IRB chair. Maybe that is why he is in his third year in Law School in Boston and getting paid >$100,000.00 a year as a molecular biology technical consultant to his present and future law firm. Of course, I give myself too much credit.

In fact, Peter Weinstein's dad and brothers are all attorneys. His dad specializes in patent law.

Maybe your advice to your kids will pan out and they will see that the law (perhaps with a decidedly engineering bent) is a way they can have fun with ideas and issues and get paid well for it.

I don't know if girls fit the equation we are talking about. There are many lifetimes of tradition involved in the manly art of passing on professions. Girls have gotten into this only recently. Being a father of a daughter I have become aware that attempts to guide her into lucrative professional careers is like herding cats. She will decide and when she does she will tell me.


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