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So did the interest in Engineering skip a generation?

One of my scientist friends is Stephen Roth. Steve's dad was the architect who designed the Verazzano Narrows bridge. Steve also worked on the bridge construction as a foreman between college and graduate school. He may have known your dad or your dad may have known him.

Regardless, it is interesting that you are a lawyer and Steve is a cell biologist and both sets of grandkids want to be engineers.

My theory is that we as parents begin to recall the legendary feats of our parents just as our own kids begin to think of their futures. With true humility we don't try to make our kids clones of ourselves which gives them freedom to emulate their grandparents instead. We may even do things that encourage our kids to choose other careers because of minor disappointments in our own. Those minor disappointments are the first things we forget when we get to have the noble position of grandparent and kid ombudsman. Do you agree?

I know this is over simplified but intriguing. In my case my grandfather was one of the engineers who participated in the construction of the Panama Canal. My accomplishment in science was the discovery that lymphocytes can cross blood vessel walls without causing blood leakage because the wall structure resembles canal locks. Go figure.


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