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The Mick walked back to see Bill. Bill was shocked to see him. I thought you had died or went back to Ohio; Bill said. Don't you wish just pay up; answered the Mick. The Mick was glad he had nearly perfected the system for picking numbers. Hey Bill you shorted me; he said. Bill made an excuse about it being a long time since the bet was placed. I'll get it later when I win the next time said the Mick. Turning to leave he noticed a pile of Louisville sluggers in the corner (Bill was also a fence). He made a deal to forget the interest on the money still owed and picked out a bat instead. While not as handsome as his fine shillelagh back in Ohio this would do. He walked out the door confident the annoyms or anyone else lurking out there would never get the best of him. He left the Flagship whistling his favorite tune from the Bat out of Hell album.

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