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Received a 4' long framed print of an architectural drawing (elevation or side view, of course) of the "Verrazano-Narrows Bridge - Opened Nov. 21, 1964 - Amman and Whitney - Consulting Engineers" (it says), to hang on the wall.

Nice gift from the family, since my dad worked on the construction of the bridge. He ran the batch plant that mixed the concrete for the StatNisland anchorage, the huge cement and re-bar rocklike structure that holds the suspension cables taut. It's mate is on the Br**klyn side, holding their end down tight.

I used to watch them take soundings off a barge for the tower piers, out a window at Curtis H.S. when I should have been paying more attention to Ms. Eakin, the Spanish teacher.

I also used to visit Dad at the batch plant after work as a lifeguard at the S.I. beaches. Leo the Bridgebuilder, we called him, after the habit he had, like a lot of workmen, to point to a building or a ship they ran the crane, or drove rivets on, or painted, saying, "See that? I built that."

They weren't joking.

And you, as a kid, were impressed. How did you build one of those, you wondered, because the Erector Set, Lincoln Logs, and Tinker Toys you played with never looked like anything and never held up.

My kids were very big on Lego sets and actually made things that worked. They all want to be engineers. Leo would be proud.

Hard to believe the bridge will be 35 years old in a few months and I'm still only 19.

I wonder how that works.


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