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rs is right about what the linguists call "rless" speech, and it's heard mostly in New England, the New York City area, and vast chunks of the south. I had a friend from County Bronx who used to go bird watching in search of wobblers. In other parts of the country you find mostly "rful" dialects.

But in New England and New York there's also the "intrusive r," whereby an r gets shoved in between a word ending with a vowel sound and a word beginning with a vowel sound: "lawranawda"

And New York seems to be about the only place that pronounces "or" like AR when it's followed by a vowel sound. E.g., I say FARist (as in FARist Ehvinya), DARothy, ARange, FLARida, etc. but everybody else I know says FAWRest, DAWRothy, AWRange, etc. To me, forehead is FARrid and it rhymes perfectly with horrid, and the nursery rhyme makes sense.

I think Dennis Franz is terrific, but he sure ain't no Noo Yawk cop. He's too obviously from Chicawgo.

Jim Donnelly

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