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"California garbage sent to Reno, Nevadans angry" - A.P.

Sacramento has become the 10th and largest California city to send its garbage to a Reno-area landfill, and some Nevadans aren't happy about it.

BLT Enterprises, a private contractor, began dumping 35 truck loads - or 800 tons - of Sacramento garbage daily at the Lockwood landfill just east of here three weeks ago.

BLT has secured a temporary Washoe County permit to dump up to 1,500 tons of refuse a day there and is expected to win a permanent permit for the same amount, said Carl Cahill, Washoe Distric Health environmental director.

With Sacramento's use of the landfill, California cities now account for a third of the 6,000 tons of refuse that arrives there every day, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

Gary VanDorst, Sacramento solid-waste superintendent, said he foresees California cities using more distant, rural dumps such as Lockwood because residents don't want the garbage in their own back yards.

But some Nevadans think the garbage should stay where it originated.

"We shouldn't be the nation's wasteland," Bill Muler of Reno said, adding he's upset no Nevada elected official approved the permit granted to Sacramento.

Elected officials say they have little say over the dump's use because federal law protects the flow of garbage between states.

Cahill said Nevada law requires out-of-state waste handlers to meet the same regulations as those in the cities from which they came.

Shawn Guttersen, BLT manager, said his workers check garbage for unwanted waste such as oil, paint cans and antifreeze.

Other California towns using the Lockwood dump are South Lake Tahoe, Tahoe City, Quincy, Portorla, Nevada City, Alturas, Standard, Pine Grove and Diamond Springs.

Cahill estimates the life expectancy of the existing landfill at 35 years before it would need to be expanded.

While the life of the landfill is shorten because of the California refuse, he said, more users help keep the operating cost down.

Waste Management Inc., which owns Lockwood landfill, charges big shippers about $10 a ton for garbage compared with $17 to $20 a ton at California landfills.

Last month, the Washoe District Board of Health adopted new regulations to protect the public's long-term interest in having landfill space available.

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