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Congratulations! I hope your wedding ceremony has beautiful weather to match your beautiful idea.

Your question about special things from Staten Island reminded me (incompletely I am afraid) of a plant that grows only on Staten Island in Serpentine Rock formations. I remember reading about it when this plant temporarily prevented the destruction of the serpentine quarry by the Verrazano Narrows bridge highway. Maybe there are some of those plants on the hills overlooking the highway where you can still see serpentine rocks.

Another thing you could have is a hoe, since Edwin Markham the poet lived on Staten Island when he wrote that poem.

There are Native American artifacts and traditions that I am sure you are aware of. I only learned of these from a Deaf-Mute janitor who had a PhD in Archeology and wrote the books on the Staten Island Native Americans.

And last but not least, take a look at some poems written by another Staten Islander at Liza's Pages.

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