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On 6/12/99 11:07:17 AM, The Great JB wrote:
I remember the first
>time somebody asked me if I
>was a "Yankees fan." I said,
>"a WHAT?" I didn't think there
>was any such thing as a
>Yankees fan. I have been a
>Yankee fan since about 1938.
>And I often wear a Yankee hat.
*G- Ya couda fooled me. I would think, seeing as the Yankee Baseball Team is made up of many individual players grouped together to form a unit, they would be referred to in plural as Yankee's or Yankee Team. The Yankee description tag for a northerner formatted during the Civil War days was "damned Yankee / Yankee go home" and often expressed in the singular form.

As for me...dis summer I'm gonna enjoy yankee doodle snack cakes, while I watch The Yankee's play baseAball.

>But when I was a kid I lived
>ON Staten Island. I notice
>from the traffic in this forum
>that there's no consensus
>about that; many of us seem to
>live IN Staten Island.
*G- Maybe the on/in Staten Island comes from some of us growing uP in homes that were tucked nicely in the middle of the woodsy areas that were on Staten Island. Who knows?

>Has anybody got any opinions
>about this, other than that I
>ought to get a life?
>Jim Donnelly

*G- There ain't no "Staten Island Sliguage" round here. I don't think I've ever noticed any NewYaWkese or Sotherease either. Or Is there?

We could probably go round n round with this one for eons. I'll keep in mind that our greatest teachings have often been in the silent actions spoken in the tone of mute.

If I for one had waited for the best in spelling and eyes of the beholder grammar to arrive in my life coupled with a no typo keyboard I may never have submitted the first post to the Staten Island Web among other writings. Risky as it may be/seem sometimes it's been worth and I pray will continue to be worth every grammatical "oops or intentional" slant on the English Language people post here.

Jim Donnelly as in the past please continue in your life to be yourself..."The Great JB"

To those of "U" who read here but hold yourself back in the "cringe of thought" that submitting a post just because "U" weren't in the top 2% of English 101 - Take the risk "n" Goooooooooooooooo for it. A post from the heart of your past/present holds the truest value in lasting validation.

~*~*~ Conclusions ~*~*~
"Are Sometimes Made With Many Angled Views Of Opinion"

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