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Re: Shall we all get lives-

LOL; I've been having fun with StatNislandese since I got started here, applying it to the point I drew a (valid) complaint that I was overdoing it.

Regarding IN/ON StatNisland, I'm an "on" typa guy myself.

The other thing I/we used to say, even in New York (meaning "Manhattan" to StatNislandahs) was "the Island," meaning StatNisland. In New York, of course, "the Island" means Long Island, often with a hard "g."

Someone on NPR did an interview with plenty of sound clips compiled by a linguistics professor who's been tracking the way we speak in and around N.Y. for over thirty years.

We use some lulus.

It sounds grating to auslanders, that is, anyone west of Hoboken.

Dropping the final "r" of a syllable or word is the classic example. Examples are New Yawk, and Islandah, or Faw' faw 4.

Okay, everybody on line, waitcherturn, Yankee fans first! Hey you, the appleknocker from StatNisland, whaddya think your doin' sneakin' in. Get back onna line.


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