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On 6/10/99 9:30:59 PM, Invictus wrote:
in part:

>Mr. "bobC:"

We can dispense with the "Mr."

>So, how about a compromise?

Compromise is good. Without a doubt, the best solution for settling disputes.

>Let's agree to repeat just
>those portions of the post to
>which a direct response is
>being made?

You have my agreement on this point.

>And I will promise not to
>overreact to a misplaced "o"
>or two?

Glad you made this concession,and I'm certain I'm not alone here.

>And, please also allow me to
>congratulate you on the very
>nice piece you put together...


>Both Henley (and, obviously,
>the poem) have proven to be
>sources of inspiration to me...

It is a very inspirational poem; even more so when it's meaning is dissected and the reader learns of Henley's background. Something I was made aware of due to these exchanges.
>Hard-earned lessons,
>generally, are those which are

How true. Lessons have been learned here, though not through such an extreme measure and tragedy as yours.


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