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Hi everyone,
I'm breathing a sigh of relief at the civil nature of the posts in "Censorhip, Revision and Spin." I am new to the board and my head is spinning a bit from the rather vitriolic posting that's been going on here. In any case, thank you to all who have so kindly welcomed me to the board. Now I have an unusual request.
I am getting married next month in a Staten Island park and am incorporating my love for Staten Island into my ceremony. I plan on making a circle of rocks that I will collect from different parts of the island and having my kids pour four different types of soil from four original Staten Island towns into the circle. I'm going to get married barefoot in Staten Island soil under a very old chestnut tree overlooking the harbor. I am going to carry a bouquet of native flowers. Does anyone have any other ideas about how I might incorporate my love for my island home into my ceremony? Music, poetry, symbolic representations? Now I know I may get a few landfill and garbage responses, but I am totally serious about enlisting your aid.
Take care all,

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