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In the days past, while all the foibles of Hairsuit and Willy have been going on, the Queen has been back from her trip over the waves to England.

Old Tymer has been pressuring her to get those kids, not babies anymore, named properly. The staff had been calling them one, two and three, too long.

The Queen was in a dilemma. She just could not make up her mind. One minute she thought of family names and the next wanted to have three names that would reflect some humor. If she could only be sure that her husband had been their father. In the recesses of her mind she feared that he may not have been. She alone knew of her affair of the heart that occurred at the same time she conceived them.

Two sons, one only could be the next King! The little girl was now so adorable and had become the pet of the palace. One of the boys was a joy to be around and the other was so destructive and mean spirited. Should this have any influence in naming them?

Well thought Queen Regina, now is the time. I must get over to the parish and talk to the monsignor about the ceremony. She went upstairs, got dressed and called for the driver.

Asking Old Tymer to accompany her, they left for the meeting with the priest......

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