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The Greenman looked at Charlton Hairsuit and thought, "He's got a helluva nerve talking about sportsmanship, when he advocates Kalishikoffs for "plinking" and Thompson Submachine guns for hunting Bambi." But he decided that since they were talking about fishing, he would give him a reasonable answer.

"This is not the time of the year to catch carp with a rod&reel. You have to wait until the beginning of June and then they'll start feeding on the bottom again. If you want to make up some bait ahead of time, go to the Ralston store on the corner of Clove Road and Victory and buy some yellow cornmeal. Take it home and boil it in a pot with water and molasses and a few drops of vanilla extract until it starts to burn on the edges of the pot. Dump this out on some wax paper and knead it in a big ball. Hide the pot or throw it out, because it is ruined."

Charlton then asked the Greenman what they could catch today, with the killies they had with them. The Greenman scratched his chin and then answered: "Follow the path upstream until you get to Martling's Avenue. Across the street, freeline your minnows off the concrete dam. The state conservation department stocked some Calico Bass in Martlings last year and there may be a few of them left. If you're really lucky, there's a lunker largemouth bass that lurks right next to edge of the wall, and he might also bite. If you want to make sure you don't get skunked today, ride down to Stanzione's on Forest and buy 10cents worth of fresh bread dough. You can fish for "roach" (shiners) down the bank to the left of the Martling's dam...they'll always bite."

Charlton and Willie Sutton thanked the Greenman and proceeded upstream along the path towards Martlings Pond.

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