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Hey, wasn't Dickie a little cross-eyed too? I remember he had a ruddy red complexion and I got thrown out of a church league basketball game down at Cromwell for arguing with him.

Don't ever remember getting ice cream cones from the ice cream man...the big sellers on our block were Eskimo Pies...they had their brand logo branded on the popsicle stick...think it was an igloo?

Some uses for popsicle sticks: 1.)bend them across each other in a kind of quadrilateral and use them as frisbees (that was before frisbees were invented)
2. Use them to play "Hit the stick" on the sidewalk...who remembers the rules of play?
3. Best use: scrape the dogsh*t out of the cracks and little suction cups on the soles of your Keds.

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