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Does anyone remember Sal the ice cream man? My earliest memories are probably from the late 50's,and I think he stopped coming during the early sixties. He would come around Westerleigh late at night -- it was always dark, probably only 9:30 - 10:00 -- but to us little guys it felt really, really late. My older sister and I would sneak downstairs and unobtrusively join the adults on the front steps and hope they wouldn't send us back to bed.

I can remember the excitement of seeing Sal's big white Sealtest truck coming up the street. He made the biggest and best ice cream cones. He always gave us taste tests of the different flavors, trying to talk us out of our regular vanilla or chocolate. We probably ended up with more on us than in us and had to be cleaned up again before going back to bed.

I remember Sal as such a nice, friendly man. Does anyone else remember him?

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