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Mr. "bobC:"

Your point made in the post above (that is, the one of 1903 hours,June 9, 1999) is noted, and is a point well-taken.

Between the time that I read the two posts (made reference to), and was able to send my response on its way, an additional post (or two) reached the web site before mine.

So, how about a compromise?

Let's agree to repeat just those portions of the post to which a direct response is being made? (And leave the rest for the historians, the grammarians -- and anyone else truly interested in a full recitation of what was said -- to ferret out on their own?).

And I will promise not to overreact to a misplaced "o" or two?

And, please also allow me to congratulate you on the very nice piece you put together in an earlier post (of 1421 hours), on June 9, 1999.

Both Henley (and, obviously, the poem) have proven to be sources of inspiration to me ever since some insightful Nun -- away back at the time I was in the 5th or 6th grade -- not only made me read it, but insisted that I memorize it, as well!

Then, she made me stand up in front of the entire class and recite it -- and in a loud enough voice so that she, standing away back there in the far corner of the room -- could hear it!

Now, I have been in many stressful -- even terrifying -- situations since then.

But I don't think that I have ever trembled, sweat, stuttered, and flat-out just stumbled around quite as badly ever since, as I did then!

At the time, a sister who was about two years older than I (whom I cannot recall ever seeing outside the funereal environs of the old Seaview Hospital) had just passed away.

As you may recall, at one time Seaview was the place where those seriously stricken with tuber-culosis were sent. (And, very often, were sent there to die).

This Nun, this kind old lady, well understood children, well understood how difficult at times life can be, and knew exactly what was needed at that particular time in my life.

Hard-earned lessons, generally, are those which are best-learned!

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