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Ya know, O.T, we didn't have front porches on the row house I grew up in, on Hodges Place in FawCawnahs, a block or two up from Sommers Lane, where you lived across Victory Boulevard, but we did have the old Dutch functional equivalent, called the "stoop," as in "stoop-ball," the forerunner to "strikeout."

Stoops on StatNisland weren't just family and friends you were calling stupid.

Stoops were the set of stairs in front of your house, and were often large enough for groups of kids and real people to sit and listen to their parents talk about what was really going on.

Boy could you get an earful when your parents and the neighbors forgot about you sitting there.

So that's why so-and-so hasn't been around in awhile!

That sort of thing.

The Kinsey Report came out when I was a kid. The neighbors found it fascinating. Couldn't stop talking about it.

Word filtered down.

It did.

Long live stoops (the kind you sit on), and porches.

Don't see too many porches on apartment buildings these days, do ya?


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