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That was my impression, too, Mimi. I stumbled across that blaze in its early stages, saw that I didn't have a stake in it, and watched it flare.

Is this the way I look when I get into these p*ssing contests, I wondered. Yup, I admitted to myself.

It looks awful.

Yet people get p*ssed when criticized for form or content, often for one when the real target is the other, and often in terms of the highest moral indignation. In reply, they invoke the First, Second, Fourth, Ninth, Eleventh, and other Constitutional Amendments, not to mention Beethoven's Fifth, and Johnny Walker's Fifth, while we're at it.

The immediacy of these postings does it to us.

The devil makes me do it.

You criticize me, and I criticize you, starting with your grandmother and working my way down to your grandkids.

That's StatNisland for ya. Nuthin's changed except the V-N Bridge.

Well, now that the Serbs have signed on the dotted line and it looks like peace is breaking out on the SI-Web, as well, let's hope the B-52s have been called back over both and we can return to normal business, such as the North Shore calling the South Shore black, and vice versa, and Curtis replaying its rivalry with New Dorp. I can see BobC running long for what just might be the game winning pass...but wait, come Invictus, ...about to intercept...

Where i s Tottenville, anyway?

Has anyone actually ever been there?

-rs :)

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