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Yesterday I was surprised to see a column on the front page of the Sacramento Bee titled, " A friendly lifestyle on the front porch".

I was amazed to see that someone else had thought the same as I and it was important enough to make the first page of a good newspaper.

It tells of a local couple in that city who every spring add an extra "room" to their home. They live there until the day in October when they again remove it for the winter months.

They reworked their front walk, added quaint detailing, planted delicate perennials and twirling vines and painted the front door an outlandish magenta. An old table they revived with whimsical colors is perfect for holding ample glasses of iced tea or lemonade. Window boxes add drama. A large wicker basket brimming with magazines invites all comers to put up their feet up for a spell.

As the porch took shape, the young man remembered how his mom and sisters watched storms from the porch of his boyhood home when he was growing up in Colorado.

There was a wood swing. They tried to get me out there to see the clouds but I never lasted long. Now at 53 he understands the wonder of storm clouds.

What has surprise he and his wife tho' is the fact that his neighbors like to hang out there too. The theme for the porch was that they wanted it to be welcoming and it worked. Before it was finished the neighbors would stop by and talk and even tho they did not know them before now they all are good friends.

The need for a porch and it's community somehow became contagious. Three others of the neighbors have done the same.

Guess I had the right idea about the feeling of a community being enhanced by just a thing as simple as an old fashioned front porch after all.

Marcene, the oldtimer

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