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On 6/8/99 9:09:09 AM, Invictus wrote:
>Wow! What a well-reasoned,
>well-thought-out treatise this
>Why is it that people who
>always want to vent their
>spleen don the cloak of moral

I don't know WHAT you read, but where did I come off with "moral indignation"?

>If, as you pointed out, nobody
>appointed me "Editor of the
>Board," then who in hell
>commissioned you (and "bobC:
>and "patos" and "Gina, and all
>of the rest of you pious souls
>the "Policemen of the Board?"

The point I was TRYING to get across to you I will now put in simple terms for you. I am NOT trying to be a policeman, but since this all began over a misspelt word, and YOU decided it was YOUR job to correct the person, due to the ridiculous excuse of "it makes me worry about the future of America", people are trying to get it through to you that you had no right to come off like Mr. or Ms. superiority. The thing that makes ME worry about the future of America, is people like YOU!!! Don't you even realize that by publicly "trying to be helpful", you showed an absolute lack of manners or feeling for the person that misspelt the word? This is what got me annoyed. You are so worried about OTHER people's shortcomings, you don't even see that what YOU did!

>As I was reading through your
>post, I couldn't escape the
>feeling that it was somewhat
>familiar: Isn't this the sort
>of thing that Marc Anthony
>said at the funeral of Julius


>And while I have re-read your
>passage relative to my
>reference to christian virtues
>twice, I just don't get the
>point. What are you trying to
>say" That when "patos" hurled
>that ugly epithet at me, I
>should have done what the rest
>of your "good old boys" would
>have done and questioned his

Or did you just feel like leaving a single quotation mark?
How did you miss that?

>If people are going to take it
>upon themselves to take a
>swipe or two at me in their
>messages, why should they act
>astounded when I have the
>temerity to deliver

I for one agree fully with you there, but you need to remember YOU started all of this and everyone else came at you for it. So YOU shouldn't be "astounded" either!

>What do you think we have
>here? An elite little coterie
>where only some of the people,
>some of the time, can have
>something to stay -- and that
>the rest of us should just
>shut know what our place is
>and shut up? I don't think

Oh oh, ANOTHER mistake in YOUR SPELLING this time!!! "I feel that everyone should make an effort to make sure their writing is correct". Sound familiar? Although it's not an exact quote, I think you SHOULD be getting the point by now!
Or should I now waste four paragraphs on the fact that YOU didn't even spell SHOULD correctly?

>So, what are the sins I have
>committed here?
>Lets see:
>(1)- I get upset about the
>future of America when we have
>people who wont take the time
>and make the effort to spell
>correctly. (Please note that
>in my post I pointed out that
>this not only helps one to
>project a better self-images,
>but tells the reader that you
>are considerate enough of his
>or sensibilities to "go the
>extra mile" to ensure that the
>word -- especially simple
>words like "sought" are
>spelled correctly. (And in
>this day and age of
>"SpellCheck," that mile has
>been considerably reduced!);

Well now, talk about "the pot calling the kettle black"!!! YOU obviously don't realize how hypocritical you are!!! You incorrectly spelt should, left a closing quotation mark without an opening one, NOW you forgot to put the apostrophe between the n and the t in won't!!! You must be VERY worried about the future of America now that even YOU can misspell!!!

>(2)- I get upset when --
>during the course of a intense
>discussion with one individual
>-- someone else jumps in on
>the side of the person I am
>having a discourse with, and I
>slap that person on the wrist;
>(3)- And then, of course, when
>faced with the choice between
>exchanging one profanity with
>another, I elected to take the
>moral high ground (and thereby
>commiting the unforgettable
>(if not "politically
>incorrect") sin of using the
>"c" (as in "christian" word)in
>a sentence;
>(4)- And then, of course, I
>get upset when people attempt
>to cloak their half-baked,
>irrational arguments with the
>"cloak of academia." I have
>had more pompous statements
>hurled at me -- most of which
>were ostensibly designed to
>criticize my (sic)
>"pompassity" that I have had
>to endure in a lifetime. What
>is it with you people? Hasn't
>the old maxim about "the pot
>calling the kettle black"
>reached your neck of the woods
>yet. (And, oh yes, most of
>those who have written
>apparently cannot control the
>urge to do remarkably cute
>things with the word (sic)
>So, there you have it. At
>times, you seem to be on the
>right track. But then you
>sort of lose perspective.
>Nonetheless, I feel that there
>is probably some hope that you
>will eventually take a
>different viewpoint here.
>Let's see: Is this where I
>stat to SHOUT? Or is this the
>place for the cussing?

DO I SEE ANOTHER MISTAKE? My Lord, America's doomed now!! The word is START, which any grammar school child could tell you!!

>Let's hear from you when you
>ar somewhat less full of
>insincere emotions about "the
>American way!"

This is where you make your BIGGEST mistake. I don't recall making ANY statement about "the American way" in my comments to you. I am the ONE person that has NO insincerity when it comes down to ANYTHING about this Country! I will fight to the death for you to have the right to spew your ill-mannered comments at someone, but I do NOT have to like what you say!!! I ALSO have the right to MY opinion, even if it conflicts with yours! My "viewpoint" won't change, since I "sincerely" believe that you stepped way out of line by "correcting" someone else when ANYONE(YOU INCLUDED OBVIOUSLY)can make a mistake. But, that's OK, you don't have to like my opinion either.
P.S. There are a few mistakes in spelling and grammar in your post that I didn't point out. I don't need to hammer it into you do I? I have no animosity towards you, I just think you owe someone an apology. You teach your children, your pets, and people you know, but to publicly call attention to a spelling mistake made by an adult you never met, is WAY beyond the line. Would YOU like someone to correct you? You could have sent an email if you felt so strongly about an "a" being in place of an "o"!!

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