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C'mon rs!!! Don't be shy! *LOL* Tell me what you REALLY think!!!

What??? Not here right now??? Awwwww
Well then I'll just have to tell you what I really think! *S*

#1....I don't believe you! *LOL* You DO want to be a nice person and you ARE a nice person and I'll bet that you have to count much HIGHER than 10 for that ~feeling~ you spoke of pass! *LOL* You might mascarade as a sarcastic person...but it's not the REAL you! *S*

O.k.! So you do a very convincing job of it *LOL*....but I still don't buy it! *S*

#2....What's the matter???? You never hoid of a parable???? You know....a "story" that teaches something???? If it's totally NON~CONTRIVED, NON-MAUDLIN, NON~HORSE~PUCKY (to coin your words) dissertations that you're wanting....then you must not watch that much TV or too many Movies heh? (And before you attempt to ~go there~....don't try to tell me that the "NEWS" or "DOCUMENTARIES" are 100% sterling characters either!)

Re the others: They don't call the Movie/TV Industry "Tinsel Town" for nothing you know!

rs....don't miss the forest for the trees! The goal of a "story" is to either ~entertain~...or to ~teach~....and so surely you must realize as well as I do ....that whether or not the "story" itself 100% not half as important as the job that it does!

#3.....I've NEVER sent you even ONE joke...THANK GOODNESS!!!! *LOL*

*Whew! Wiping the sweat from my brow*

One more thing.....

Are you trying to tell us that you REALLY believe in the Genii???? *S*

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