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The thing that fries me more than almost anything else is the way almost nobody cares about the distinction between its and it's any more. I have occasionally written PRIVATE messages to people who should know better, making (I think) humorous comments about the way they've been kicking its and it's all over the lot. I think private messages are a better way to comment on such things, if you really feel that a comment is necessary.

But this thing that you offer for our consideration here--it's excessively purple, don't you think? It resembles nothing so much as something that was composed with the thesaurus open and sitting next to the keyboard. It's clearly an attempt to dazzle us with footwork, and it fails miserably at that.

If you consider this an attack, go ahead and kick back. Whether you know it or not, you're no longer invictus.

Jim Donnelly

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