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Mr. "Tomdgimp:"

Wow! What a well-reasoned, well-thought-out treatise this is!

Why is it that people who always want to vent their spleen don the cloak of moral indignation?

If, as you pointed out, nobody appointed me "Editor of the Board," then who in hell commissioned you (and "bobC: and "patos" and "Gina," and all of the rest of you pious souls the "Policemen of the Board?"

As I was reading through your post, I couldn't escape the feeling that it was somewhat familiar: Isn't this the sort of thing that Marc Anthony said at the funeral of Julius Caesar?

And while I have re-read your passage relative to my reference to christian virtues twice, I just don't get the point. What are you trying to say" That when "patos" hurled that ugly epithet at me, I should have done what the rest of your "good old boys" would have done and questioned his parentage? Would your Mom and Dad be pleased to turn on to this web site and see that their dear little boy, the love of their life (old "Tomdgimp" was using the sort of language that "patos" was using? I would tend to doubt this.

If people are going to take it upon themselves to take a swipe or two at me in their messages, why should they act astounded when I have the temerity to deliver "tit-for-tat?"

What do you think we have here? An elite little coterie where only some of the people, some of the time, can have something to stay -- and that the rest of us should just shut know what our place is and shut up? I don't think so.

So, what are the sins I have committed here?

Lets see:

(1)- I get upset about the future of America when we have people who wont take the time and make the effort to spell correctly. (Please note that in my post I pointed out that this not only helps one to project a better self-images, but tells the reader that you are considerate enough of his or sensibilities to "go the extra mile" to ensure that the word -- especially simple words like "sought" are spelled correctly. (And in this day and age of "SpellCheck," that mile has been considerably reduced!);

(2)- I get upset when -- during the course of a intense discussion with one individual -- someone else jumps in on the side of the person I am having a discourse with, and I slap that person on the wrist;

(3)- And then, of course, when faced with the choice between exchanging one profanity with another, I elected to take the moral high ground (and thereby commiting the unforgettable (if not "politically incorrect") sin of using the "c" (as in "christian" word)in a sentence;

(4)- And then, of course, I get upset when people attempt to cloak their half-baked, irrational arguments with the "cloak of academia." I have had more pompous statements hurled at me -- most of which were ostensibly designed to criticize my (sic) "pompassity" that I have had to endure in a lifetime. What is it with you people? Hasn't the old maxim about "the pot calling the kettle black" reached your neck of the woods yet. (And, oh yes, most of those who have written apparently cannot control the urge to do remarkably cute things with the word (sic) "pompassity."

So, there you have it. At times, you seem to be on the right track. But then you sort of lose perspective. Nonetheless, I feel that there is probably some hope that you will eventually take a different viewpoint here.

Let's see: Is this where I start to SHOUT? Or is this the place for the cussing?

Let's hear from you when you are somewhat less full of insincere emotions about "the American way!"

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