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Sorry to hear your experience was so dysfunctional. Did you talk to anyone about it? The worst we had was a wrestling match between a 13 year old (Gus) and a 15 year old (Tim). Tim always like to razz Gus, then one day Gus beat the tar out of him in a supervised wrestling match.

Boy Scout Tempers Flame Sometimes

Bad Things Ruin Boy Scout Memories"

During 2 weeks at camp people do find things to get irritated about. However, the "sodomized tenderfeet" and "soused scout-leaders" you mentioned are very serious concerns. If you held your observations secret, the perpetrators of those acts got to go free without any consequences. Furthermore, those painful recollections stored up inside your memory may have been even more harmful to you if there was no closure. You have my sincerest sympathy.


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