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You know, I really think that before we get ourselves all bent out of shape here, that we go back to the web site and look at the record.

I submitted a post, expressing my dismay, over the misspelling of the word "sought."

The point of my original post was this:

On the one hand, we have we have a great number of pundits and politicians all decrying the loss of our manufacturing jobs and industrial capabilities to countries beyond our border (if not across the seas).

On the other side of the aisle, we have an equally contentious group of pundits and politicians telling us not to worry about the loss of such jobs, or about the profound effect that the loss has -- not only on the lives and families of those intimately involved -- but on the entire nation, as well.

We are told by this latter group:

Not to worry! We are a super power, and we will continue to play a leadership role in the world of tomorrow -- not because of the sweat of our brow or the straining of our backs (as in the past) but because we have a superior educational system. A system that is fully capable of churning out people with superior intellects and better-prepared minds than the rest of the world, etc., etc. etc.

So, I try not to worry.

Then, I turn to this web site and what to I see: a relatively simple word -- 'sought" -- badly misspelled as "saught."

I worry more. I get dismayed. So, I do what many others have done -- I express my dismay on this open forum.

So what happens next? Do I get a nasty post back from "Florida" (the individual who used the misspelled word in his post)?

No. What I get, initially, is a lecture -- a "broadside" really -- from "bobC" (the esteemed "Chief of The Web Police").

So, if 'bobC" takes it upon himself to criticize what I have to say (and, mind you, there was no complaint about the use of the screen name "Anonymous" at this time), I feel that I certainly am entitled to respond in kind.

Then the next thing that occurs is that -- while still in the midst of my little debate with "bobC, his (apparent good chum) "patos" comes in from away over there in the "Amen Corner" to deliver a few licks of his own.

So, I respond (not really in kind, because I don't get into an exchange of profanities or to "dissing" his high school, etc.)

I attempted to ignore the initial negative comment sent my way from "Gina," but she persisted. In her second effort at getting in a kick or two, she calls upon the assembled powers of the college she attended (in an apparent effort of utilizing the "cloak of academia" in an effort to give her quibbling comments some credence).

(Now I well realize that, from time-to-time, reasonable people will disagree. But if anyone cares to challenge my point about how well the college that "Gina" attended prepared her for the task of writing the post she submitted -- well, line up and let's have a go at it!).

Although at one point I made reference to the fact that I was going to go look for a "sideman" in order to assist me with the criticism I was receiving on several different fronts, I never actually did so.

However -- completely -- on his or her own --(and in an apparent effort to provide assistance), a "second Anonymous" joined the fray. While I don't agree with all that this individual had to say, we must keep in mind that this is, after all, America, and not the People's Republic of China.

(They are now finding that once they opened "Pandora's Box," they must deal with the consequences).

So what do we have now? On the one hand, we have "patos" and "Gina" in an unholy alliance, each of them claiming that any criticism I levelled at them was, most certainly, the result of some long-held, smoldering grudge -- an "affair of the heart," if you will.

Mr. "P's" comment relative to "all the girls he loved and left behind" is something right out of an old Willy Nelson song (and sent me in a headlong dash for the bathroom so that I could puke!).

I have never met -- to the very best of my knowledge -- "bobC," or "patos," or "Gina," or (for that matter, the sister of poor old "patos").

And -- based upon what I have learned of the first three named above -- I have absolutely no desire to.

I could walk into a crowded room and stumble all over them, and not a flicker of recognition would glimmer in any eyeball.

So, give me a break! Give us all a break.

None of these fine, upstanding "pillars of our forum" would have had a direct communication from me had they, themselves, not initiated it.

Apparently none were taught, while still at their mother's knee, that if you play with fire, you are apt to get burned.

So what do we have now? Why we have old "bobC" mounting a self-declared righteous effort to drive from this web site anyone who doesn't agree with him and his chosen few.

We have some other old fools who are offering "condolences" to one or more of this unholy trio. (Their mamas, apparently, never taught them when to give condolences and when to keep their counsel).

And, we have a lot of other old biddies -- all members of the same coterie -- getting "all het up" about the nasty things that have been said to "poor old "bobC," "patos" and "Gina."

At the risk of being redundant: GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!

As indicated above, I have never met "bobC" and, most certainly, hold no personal animosity toward him.

Even before this recent encounter, however, the "mental image" I had of him was not flattering. I found his practice of providing a verbatim account of every (almost)he responded to irritating. I envisioned a wizened old man -- looking sort of like Moses -- who has just descended from the Mount and is about to make a pronouncement of, indeed, considerable importance. But, before doing so, must provide a full recitation of all of the past sins of mankind.

Now, I see that he has moved on from the Moses role and now fashions himself as a leading proponent in the Peter Zenger trial.

If 'bobC, "patos" and "Gina" -- and any others -- don't like receiving "tit-for tat"
than let me offer a much more simpler solution than attempting to perform an exorcism right here on the web site.

One of the flags put into use in the early days of our country carried the message: "Don't Tread On Me!"

If these folks don't like being "bitten," than they should cease there effort to go about and stomp on people!

So, there's my side -- take it or leave it.

If you feel the compulsion to deliver a kick or two, go right ahead. But be forewarned: you are going to hear back from me!


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