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I wonder, is this the same person that at one time tried to grammatically correct one of my posts? I said it then, I'll say it now, WHO APPOINTED YOU THE EDITOR OF THE BOARD? Whew, I REALLY don't like yelling, but in this case, by trying to show your "intelligence"(for lack of a better word), all you DO prove is that you are someone with an obvious need to feel superior to the people around you. Don't take this wrong, I am NOT flaming you, just trying to explain to you that NONE of the people you will EVER meet, are perfect. Hell, life itself isn't perfect. We ALL make mistakes, and not ALL of us(myself included)are well educated. Ever hear the phrase: Don't sweat the little things"? I HOPE that someone else's misspellings and faults, are the biggest problems you have to deal with! Then again, it's THEIR problem, not YOURS!!!
People that go through life finding little faults in OTHER people like spelling or grammar mistakes, usually have a large problem, psychologically speaking, and are generally NOT happy with themselves, so they feel the need to appear better than those around them, to hide their OWN perceived shortcomings. If this is the case, I sincerely hope one of your friends or family members realize this and get you help, before you end up having a heart attack or nervous breakdown from the stress of TRYING to find all the faults in the OTHER inhabitants of the world.
That being said, I DO have to mention that YOU seem to be trying to put a "Christian" flavor to your responses. Well, being that I know a little about spiritual and religious matters, I HAVE to inform you that YOU shouldn't be chastising ANYONE for being un-Christian like!!! What form of Christianity DOESN'T teach you to accept others as they are? Or maybe unconditional love is foreign to YOUR form of beliefs(I refuse to call YOUR beliefs Christianity). How about love thy neighbor? Do YOU know what the "Seven Deadly Sins" are? I do. Which one are YOU breaking? Incorporate your answer to THAT in the response I KNOW you will post, along with your grading of my writing skills!
I KNOW I make PLENTY of grammatical mistakes, but I DO get my point across. Your opinion of my skills, EVEN IF CORRECT, will not change the way I speak or write. Only I can do that!!! Nor does the opinion of a person who hides behind anonymous mean anything to me.
This is MY opinion, see the name TOMDGIMP on it? Do YOU have the nerve to put a name to your ridiculous ranting?
I will wait and see.

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