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Hey, hey, hey, let's hold on now. This is still America, right? You know, land of the brave, home of the free? The place where we have baseball, applepie, motherhood and the bill of rights? If we ain't got "freedom of speech," than how in hell could this website exist? I've spent some time going over and through this matter, and I dont see where we have a problem. While it is kind of hard to follow, because the dogfight continues on several different threads, it looks like there are at least two(2) Anons at work here and both are jumping in and out at various times. To set the record straight, let's call them Anon1 and Anon 2. Anon1 seems to have got some people mad with a post about poor spelling. I agree with most of what he said, and have some reservations about a few points. But it's his(her) opinion, right? Bob Corsale here (who is apparently trying to limit access to this website to himself and a few chosen buddies) wades in and jumps on Anon1's back. Anon1 delivers a few right uppercuts to the head, and Bob Corsale retreats. Then Pat O'Shaughnessy jumps on Anon1, and the same thing happens. (Note that Bob Corsale seems to have no problem with the sort of vulgarity his good buddy Pat O'Shaughnessy leveled at Anon1) I almost jumped into the fray here because of a dumbass comment Mr. O'Shaughnessy made about people who went to Tottenville. But as he was getting his rearend whupped bad enough already, I decided to stay out. Then Gina, not knowing well enough to stay out of a fight she had no chance of winning jumps on Anon1. Boom, he lays one on her. Then along comes Anon2 with some gossipy sort of stuff -- and all hell breaks loose.

Why ain't you asking that Pat O"Shaughnessy be kicked off the website Bob? Are you for the use that kind of language here, providing that it comes from one of your old buddies?
Excuse me, but this board ain't for the sole use of Bob Corsale, Pat O'Shaughnessy or Gina -- it's for all of us.

Now we got us a couple of bleeding hearts who want to play the game by their own rules.
They seem to feel that this website belongs to only those in the "clique," and that if everybody else don't play by their rules, well they are just going to try to kick out all of those who don't agree with them.

Tell me, would you all feel any better if Anon1 used the screen name of "Cornflakes" or "Milktoast" while he was whopping you all upside the head?

I have forgotten a lot more of the history I learned while at good old Tottenville High, but it seems to me that more than one of our founding fathers resorted to the use of the name Anon from time to time. Maybe Bob Corsale wants to start a petition to have their names erased from the Declaration of Independence!

As Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along here?"

And if you guys can't take the heat -- well, GET THE HELL OUTTA THE KITCHEN!

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