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My oh my oh my,

Well what is going on. I knew it would come to this a long time ago. I objected to the Anonymous postings but was verbally chastized over it. I also stated that I would not read any of the postings of anyone who used the ""A"" word, well I didn't until today when I saw how angry OT had become. I would repeat what I said before but, will not type it as its a waste of my time. I just wanted everyone to know I'm still around and I am giving my 2 cents to this subject.I was once told it wasn't worth that and that I should just ignore all of the ""A""
posts, so what are you all doing but feeding right into ITS hands. Shake it loose what ""A's"" can't stand is being ignored. If I read the darned things I would answer with something so oppisite that it would cause them confusion and the rest of you to ignore them. Fires can't live without fuel.


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