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High Five OT!!!!!!!

Ditto to all you said!!! I was going to post the SAME thing earlier this morning and got sidetracked!

Degrees??? School??? PUNCTUATION??? Hummmmm I suppose it is a value system....'s just not mine.

I don't know and I don't care...what sort of educational background either Gina (or anyone else for that matter) have. I'm neither impressed BY a degree...nor am I turned off by the LACK of them.

I personally gravitate to people who
are successes in the SCHOOL OF LIFE...and for me those are the people with good ~*Hearts and Souls*~!!!

Gina....The School Of Life may not give out "degrees" for those good hearts.....but they do let you know that you were successful! They give you Friends....

....and as you can have many....


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