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On 6/7/99 1:31:21 PM, BigPaul wrote:

BigPaul...I agree with a good portion of what you said in your post...however I must respectfully disagree with your statement that it's the "controversy" that often drives this site...and I most definitely don't agree that instituting a bit more control in this web site is "un-American".

This site is not only named the Gathering....but it is (of course) literally a "Gathering"...and therefore it is by default....a "Society". I strongly believe that it should be subject to the same standards that any other civilized society would employ.

The internet in general...and naturally this site as well...are still in their infancy in many ways. Just as the civilization we live in today is the product of years of too must cyber civilization evolve.....and I do believe that we're seeing exactly why with all that's transpired the last few days!

Censorship is NOT "un-American"....we live with its incorporation in our lives every day in many ways....

....but I do know that slander and stalking are unAmerican.

To say we can just ~pass~ a post by is true...and of course we can...IF the post in just something we don't have interest in...

....but to use that as a solution for quite another.

I love this country...and I love the many forms of Freedom that we have...

....but there is NO SOCIETY in which freedom is BOUNDLESS! (And I have studied the foundations of MANY!)

To say that a society is boundless would in essence be saying that it has no rules what~so~ever....and we ALL know that that is just not true.

And sooooo...I remain firm in my position.

The beauty of life is not found in doing everything and anything you want...any old anyone you feel like it. The beauty of life is in knowing that if one of us were in the path of harm.......

...that the rest of us would be there to give comfort and PROTECTION.

For's that Philosophy of "Protecting The Innocent"....that makes AMERICA the "LAND OF THE FREE"!!!!

My opinion! *smile*

And re "controversy driving this site": Good Lord I hope not! I'd hate like heck
to believe that the only reason people around here want to ~connect~ is for a negative reason.

Debating is a great love of mine....and I consider it a it does bring about growth and solutions....but verbal attacking does neither.

Debaters discuss IDEAS. ATTACKERS discuss each other.

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