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Move over just a teensy bit Bob! I'm standing RIGHT NEXT to you!

I'm sad to say that the appalling "Anonymous" scenario that has been occurring at this site over the last couple of days is nothing new! The exact same thing happened in the other web site that I'm a regular member of ....and we too had to ask the web master to implement nickname and password only entrance!

While I personally have never posted as "anonymous"...I try very hard to keep an open mind and not judge others. I'm sure that on occasion there are some that do post anonymously...for good reasons. we can all see...that most definitely does not categorize everyone that does it! There has not only been horrific mis~use of that feature here but now it's reached the ab~use level as well!

Sooooo, I too think it's time for a change!

I vote~~~>YES for Integrity/Accountability! Then, let's see what transpires! I wonder how many strongly opinionated posters would feel righteous enough to speak their peace...WITH THEIR NAME ATTACHED!

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